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Visitors of the Alutsista Exhibition Fighting for TNI Combat Weapons

07 Mar 2020

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Pratu Setiawan saat memperagakan alutsista. (Foto: KSK Indonesia/Ana)

Malang, KSK Indonesia - Lapangan Sapta Marga Madivif 2 Field Kostrad, Singosari, Malang, the more the merrier. Because hundreds of visitors ranging from children to adults filled the exhibition area of ??the Main Armaments System (Alutsista) which was held for four days in commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the Army Strategic Command (Kostrad).

The visitors on this third day were seen fighting over the moment of taking pictures together with TNI's combat vehicles and weaponry. Even children and adults scramble up and hijack combat vehicles and try some of these weapons.

Pratu Setiawan explained, that some details of the weapons on display.

"We also showcase the latest type of weapon with the type of AX Bolt Rifle, this weapon weighs 6.5 kg, length 660 mm which has a bullet speed of 850 m / s and a distance of 800 mater. In addition there are SMR weapons with a weight of 10.51 kg, Stayer, AW 50. Besides the variety of umbrellas for parachutists and others, "said the man who served at Infantry Battalion 502 Ujwala Yudha Kostrad to KSK Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Hana, one of the visitors who at the same time KSK Lovers claimed to deliberately come together with her aunt to see the TNI defense equipment exhibition.

"This exhibition is a rare moment, I am very happy to be able to see this exhibition and try one by one in combat vehicles and weapons on display," concluded the English subject teacher, Saturday, March 7, 2020, afternoon.

In this Kostrad combat vehicle and weapons exhibition, various defense equipment were seen including Astros Rockets, Leopard Tanks, Atlas Mistral Missiles, Spider Excavators, Amphibi ATV Tanks, Jihandak Ransus and various types of Alutsista from Satjar Divif 2 Kostrad Others.

In addition, the range of weapons including AX Bolt Rifle, SMR, Stayer and others. (Ana)

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